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Matt Graham
Born: Edmonton, AB
Grew up in: Peterborough, ON
Home Town: Peterborough, ON & Whistler BC 
Canadian Music Scene Genre: Alternative Rock 

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Matt was born in Edmonton, Alberta then spent most of his youth in an Ontario town called Kirkland Lake. At around the age of ten, his family moved further south to Peterborough, ON. He spent his teenage years in this city and was like any other teen around in the 90’s. His passions were mountain biking, snowboarding and guitar and he did these as often as he could, besides taking care of his studies at school. At the age of 12 or so he had a few paper routes in the neighbourhood and used his money to buy his first guitar. It was a Fender Stratocaster very similar to his idol at the time Jimi Hendrix. From here his music journey began.

He played in a few different bands and groups with friends growing up and loved rocking out on weekends at parties and venues, nothing to serious though. A lot the times when he was supposed to be studying he would have his head phones on practicing guitar. He started High School at a St. Peter's Secondary and after three years wanted to see what else was out there. After graduating high school from Adam Scott, he went off to college in Niagara Falls where he studied business to learn more about the industry and the business world. All the while he was writing and playing small shows around town and coffee shops. Many may never make it to production but were just fun to write. 

About halfway through college he decided that he wanted to live on the West coast of Canada and ended up spending his summers and co-ops in Whistler and most winters at school in Niagara. After getting done school he moved back out to the West coast where he lived in Vancouver for four months or so (Tsawwassen), still practicing and writing almost everyday, then moved back up into the mountains, where they had one of the best winters ever. It was around this stage he began planning an album. He decide that the mountains and the snowboard scene was more appealing to him at this stage in his life.He spent many years in Whistler in total, around eight.

In Whistler he met his friend and fellow musician Darren Chambo at a house they lived in on Drifter Way. From there they formed a band called The Chambo Graham Show. They played in weather ranging from -30 to +40 at the base of Whistler mountain facing the gondola doing it for the love of the game and because in that location millions of people walked by every season and it was great exposure for sharing their music with the world. One person one song at a time. After doing that a few years, more gigs opened up and they did the morning news events for Olympic countdowns and eventually got to play in World Ski Events listed as the largest in North America.

During the winter of the 2010 Olympics/ Paralympics games he played with his brother Dustin and volunteered in some interestingly cold weather and rain but for the love of the game and to represent his country. They performed around 12 sets of music at the various venues. The venues were the Olympics Ski jump/Nordic Cross country events, the Downhill in Creekside as well as the Bobsled Track/Luge Track where they greated audiences from all over the world with smiles and did their best to brighten the worlds day. It was a great experience to see the coming together of the world's countries to share in a common goal and vision, and the memories, were priceless. 

He is now branching out even further into music now and has produced a pianist Frank Levin for an independent movie comming that came out in 2012 called Playground of Dreams. 

Recently he has been working on a new EP in the Peterborough, ON area. 

Thanks for stopping by his site and checking out his music. Take care. Peace!

Special thanks on my projects go to the following people for a variety of things:
Photography & Makeup: Kate Lauren, Emily White, Mary Chinnin, Andrej Baca
Drumming: Seth Lyon & Francois Goris
Violin: Natasha Ratz
Filming: Jayme Cowley
In General: Darren Chambo & Dustin & Jeff Graham
Producer: Christopher Wicks
All seeing eye

Save a Life

Living to Rock & Rocking to Live

The globe if you think about it, Life, is a mosaic, art, with our planet as the canvas, and the people and animals as the paint, to form the most valuable piece or art know to us, planet earth.

La vie, notre existance, c'est comme une mosaique, l'art, avec notre planete comme un tableau et les differents types de peuples et animals comme la peinture, pour former l'oeuvre d'art le plus important de tout l'univers, La Terre.

El mundo si lo piensa, Vida, es un mosaico, arte, con nuestro planeta como el lienzo, y la gente como la pintura, para formar la más valiosa pieza o el arte sabe a nosotros, el planeta tierra.

В мире ЕСЛИ ВЫ ДУМАЕТЕ ОБ ЭТОМ, жизни, представляет собой мозаику, искусство, с нашей планеты как на холст, и народ как на краски, которые образуют наиболее ценным кусок или искусство знать для нас, планеты Земля.

Zivot je jako mozaika, umeni, v nemz nase planeta je platnem a lidstvo paletou barev, ktere tvori nejcennejsi umelecky vytvor – planetu Zemi.

Der Planet Wenn Sie darüber denken, Das Leben, ist ein Mosaik, Kunst, mit der Erde wie die Canvas, und die Menschen als die Farbe, die am ehesten wertvolle Stück oder Kunst Wissen zu uns, Planeten Erde.

Il pianeta se pensi a questo proposito, la vita, è un mosaico, arte, con il nostro pianeta come la tela, e le persone come la vernice, a forma la più preziosa pezzo o arte sapere a noi, il pianeta Terra.



당신이 그것에 대하여 생각하는 경우에 지구, 생활은 화포로, 모자이크, 우리의 행성과 더불어 예술, 이고, 페인트로 사람들은 저희 의 행성 지구에게, 가장 귀중한 조각 또는 예술을 형성하기 위하여 알고 있다.

De bol als u over het denkt, het Leven, is een mozaïek, kunst, met onze planeet als canvas, en de mensen als verf, om het waardevolste stuk of de kunst te vormen kennen aan ons, planeetaarde.

الكرة أرضيّة إن أنت تفكّر حول هو, حياة, فسيفساء, فن, مع كوكبنا كالنوع خيش, ويعرف الالناس كالدهانة, أن يشكّل القيّمة قطعة أكثر أو فن إلى نا, كوكب أرض.


اگر شما به فکر کره, زندگي, موزائيك, هنر, با سياره ما به عنوان بوم, و مردم را نقاشي, به صورت گرانبهاترين تكه و هنر که به ما زمین است.

अगर आप सोचते हैं कि इस दुनिया में इसके बारे में, जीवन में एक पच्चीकारी, कला, के साथ हमारे ग्रह के रूप में कैनवस, और लोगों के रूप में पेंट, को रूप से सर्वाधिक अमूल्य जोडना या कला जानते हैं कि हमें ग्रह पृथ्वी हैं 

I hele verden hvis du mener om det, liv, er en mosaikk, kunst, med vår planet som arbeidsområde, og det folk som de male, til å danne mest verdifulle komponents eller kunst kjenne til oss, planeten jorden.

Yerkürenin düşünüyorsanız hakkında, Can, bir mozaik, sanat, bedenimiz planet ve tuvalde, ve boya, kurma konusunda en değerli parça veya sanat biliyoruz, planet toprak.

I am working on getting all possible languages of this saying, except I only speak a few, if your language isn't on here please don't take it personal.  I also have used translators so hopefully the meaning wasn't lost in translation. Together we can  revolutionize the world and make it a better place for all of us.


I went for a walk one day in the park and fed the local wildlife by the river, -squirrels, ducks (many kinds), geese, pigeons, seagulls, crows etc. I realized that when enough food (necessities) were provided that they all could peacefully co-exist and eat side by side and not fight over the scraps. As the food got low the species began to fight each other than even amongst themselves. When the first levels of Maslows hierarchy of needs fails to be met it is frustration even for the nicest of creature/people and becomes a challenge to be positive. Would the world peacefully co-exist if we focused on meeting basic individual needs instead of war and greed and catering to the ego, would we all be a lot happier because of it? Let's at least try, even I am guilty of some of these things, but to be aware is the first step.

Compassion teaches you love, love becomes light in the world and teaches you to be real, follow those guiding principles and thus your dreams, dreams become reality. Now ask yourself are you real or are you the only one around who is. Who is the illusion and who isn't, follow your heart and it will become increasingly clear, and thus transparent, tranparency is honesty, honesty teaches integrity and integrity increases your conciousness, a higher conciouness allows you access to higher dimension of love and light and reality for you understood the values and lessons and as a result it is quite humbling. However keep in mind confidence can be a good thing, once you learned all the previous lessons, for one will need it to speak truth and then we go back to the start and in the end become stronger.

® Copyright Graham Show © 2009